2024 Fashion Trend Prediction

2024 Fashion Trend Prediction

The trends we predict for 2024: from the return of leopard print to the more minimalistic Siren Core, what’s making it big in fashion this new year.

New year, new life. 2024 begins with a slew of new trends starting on the runways of major brands and reborn on social media. A wide choice, full of tastes and references cha start from the 50s and end with the 2000s, from cinematography, music scenes, to the looks of celebrities. From Tik Tok cores that drag on from the year just past, to must-have colors that are told through new fashion designers, a selection of fashion predictions, to keep up with the tendencies.


It's no secret that the Adidas Samba for Wales Bonner, sold out, reigns supreme among leopard print trends. Now becoming to have among the basics, from total looks to small accessories, the perfect denim to have in your closet. Not surprisingly, the book 'Fierce' tells us the story of the iconic print, a symbol of feminine resilience and mysticism, originally a symbol of wealth and power, due to the huge costs in the past.


Bella Hadid is its undisputed queen. The term Blokette Core is suggested to us by Tik Tok and comes from 'bloke core'-which indicates the use of soccer jerseys in non-football settings-mixed with the term 'coquette' (which has invaded the trends of 2023), indicating a feminine and naive style. But the first ever to ever coin the trend are the Harajuko Girls who accompanied Gwen Stefani in each of her 2000s videos. This style mixes purely feminine garments, such as skirts, leggings, costume jewelry and delicate patterns, with the bright prints and colors typical of soccer jerseys.


Sabato De Sarno in his Gucci debut makes it the trend color of 2024, becoming code and almost 'logo' for the brand itself, dubbed 'Gucci Red'. While red has always had its moment in the spotlight, Cherry Red is making a comeback after decades, back in the days of swing dresses. In the 1950s it embodied the ideal of the American girl, a symbol of innocence, youth and subtle sensuality. Today, even the most faithful to black like Rick Owens, deviates to present flared pants, bralettes and women's boots, all in red.


Back-to-school excitement becomes a trend and one of the benefits of having a wardrobe of classic uniforms is that it requires minimal effort to get dressed in the morning, an especially important factor to consider as we begin our post-summer return to college. Academic style staples traditionally worn by the Ivy League elite, such as ribbed knit sweaters and logo cardigans, can be found at Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada's undisputed queen of preppy style.


Convinced that dressing 'too much' is, frankly, kind of lame. She wears ratty Nike Air sneakers, wears only sweatpants from a ubiquitous, probably expensive staple brand, paired with an oversized coat. She is comfortable with her scruffiness: confident that her outfits were not chosen to accumulate likes on Instagram, but to allow her to live her life, in comfort. Indeed, back comes The Olsen Twins' Birkin, worn, overflowing, reminding us that in 2024 we must return to reality.


A mix of vintage and modern pieces peeped into the SS24 by Loewe by Jonathan Anderson, with non-proportional proportions: very high-waisted pants, somewhat felted sweaters, maxi cardigans and lace-up shoes, the men's wardrobe of the 1970s. Also Miuccia and Raf Simons during men's fashion week, present for fall/winter 2023 XXL Jackets, a new way of resetting one's body figure.


Another trend born on tik tok, a cousin of the prepster, a reinterpretation of classic office wear that, however, becomes less strict and formal, revealing a sexier and more feminine side. The inspiration comes from the looks of the 1990s and early 2000s, referencing big names such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren, who brought a minimalist aesthetic into the spotlight. Favorites include sheath dresses, pencil skirts, sheer blouses and silk tops, complemented by accessories such as slingbacks, stiletto heels and sheer shrimps, not forgetting the Bayonetta Glasses, with their rectangular frames now in trend for several months.


Sure, chunky gold jewelry is nothing new, but this season gold has gone XXL. Then again, it is universally acknowledged that gold jewelry is one of the easiest ways to make even the simplest ensemble more elegant and refined, so why not make it oversize? Inspired by the 1980s, the jewelry becomes borderline gaudy, a mix of gold and silver: layering delicate chains, plaques, and stacked rings, today's chunky, bold pieces play with texture and proportion in a way that winks at the past while looking excitingly current. Fortunately, they're not as heavy as they look, but the best part about chunky jewelry is that it has the ability to transform an otherwise plain outfit into one that looks only intentionally understated, in a way that balances big, shiny gold.


After baggy jeans, taking center stage in early 2024 are slim fit jeans. Disappeared from the radar in the late 2010s, the model most loved by Kate Moss is gradually making a comeback on the catwalks. Extremely versatile because they fall straight over the shoe but without covering it, leaving the possibility of adjusting the length with pleats or turn-ups. Present in the SS24 collections of Coperni in a bolder style and Ralph Lauren with a floral and androgynous touch.