Caffè tendenza - Hair bow season

Caffè tendenza - Hair bow season has officially made its comeback

And we cannot be happier!

It's official, bows are everywhere. Now that preppy girl hair is trending for 2023, oversized  hair bows play a major role in creating that soft, romantic aesthetic look. Simple and  essential, bows are the main character in this 2023 ballet core vortex, where things are  getting girlier and prettier.  

Sandy Liang
Simone Rocha
Sandy Liang
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Christian Siriano

Sandy Liang’s most recent spring collection features bows in multiple forms: tied into skirts  and corsets, printed into silky button-downs, or as satin “all-over” hair accessories that  decorate ponytails and braids. Simone Rocha took it to the next level by sending models  down the runway with bows on their faces, for a ribbon-tear effect. 

Thanks to the “coquette” trend, an aesthetic that uses ribbons to adorn lengths and seal  braids, bows soon became an elegant and romantic must-have which can embellish a  hairstyle thanks to its hyper-feminine and innocent aura. Let's forget last year’s punk  aesthetic and start embracing this new “girly girl” era of bows and ribbons by emphasizing  the doll figure in all its delicacy and cuteness. Styled as clips or braided, bows are  surprisingly versatile. A big silky bow is glamorous, a loose ribbon can be more boho, and an  oversized bow looks more edgy. Also corset braids – as seen in Christian Siriano’s S/S 24– and tulle ribbons down the hair – as seen on Collina Strada’s or Chopova Lowena S/S 24 – are changing the beauty game. Halfway between a kinderwhore aesthetic, which describes  the hypersexualized version of femininity, and a preppy girl style, which combines sensuality  and innocence with the ability to be sexy, delicate and seductive, the bow has always been  one of the most traditional accessories in fashion.  

Christian Siriano
Chopova Lowena

Graceful and naïve, the bow symbolizes rebellion and anarchy and was adopted by anti-bourgeois artists and intellectuals in France, like Madame de Sévigné , who began to use it  as a symbol of liberation and political struggle. In the following century, however, Yves Saint  Laurent made the bow a sophisticated sign of female emancipation, combined with  smocking and suits.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Relaunched on TikTok, it is followed by several celebs including Lana Del  Rey, Sydney Sweeney, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie and  Sarah Jessica Parker who showed up on the red carpet of the New York City Ballet's Fashion  Gala with an updo embellished with a maxi black satin bow matching her outfit. 

Hailey Bieber
Margaret Qualley
Sydney Sweeney
Lana del Rey

As little girls, how many times did we want to dress like our dolls... well now is our time to  shine! So, grab a bow and make magic out of it!