Ciao, Ciao, Gucci

Ciao, Ciao, Gucci

A fine Monday afternoon, finding myself immersed in  a world of Gucci. 

It all started with a weekend escape, a speeded up getaway. Firenze, a  love story. An art recap, house for so many Italian brands, good food and  the best leather goods.  

Venue for the Gucci Garden, an exposition for the most iconic collections  and a unique store, which I got to visit and be amazed by what there was  actually behind something we just call clothes and shoes, Gucci know  how to make it look more than good. 

Italian high-end luxury fashion house based in Florence since 1921,  formerly directed by Guccio Gucci, then a little fast forward, the  brand was bought by the Fashion and Luxury group Kering in 1999. 

 Today following the creative direction of Alessandro Michele since  2015.  

Stay tuned for some GucciTea 

First thing you see, a staircase filled up with Liberté, Amour, Égalité,  French emblems written in the walls, dedicated to the PreFall 2018  collection, inspired by French youth movement dated in 1968, where  students and workers united to create a rebellion towards all kinds of  authority. Nowadays remembered as “The French May”  

The slogans and messages on the walls rephrase tenderness,  freedom, singing the praises of love, beauty and a bright future.  

Alessandro Michele unites a social and cultural movement and  creates Gucci dans les Rues, celebrating the young and ardent  dreamers with unstoppable energy.  

Personally this part of the experience, made me feel I was in the  perfect spot at the perfect time. All this construction of self  expression, touched every brain cell of mine, because who’s not  looking for love in a world of caos and inconsistency, in a world of  inequality and difference.  

Control Room  

An immersive multi-sensory universe arising from the past 6 years in  the Gucci House. A space time control panel that retraces the  imaginary worlds evoked by campaigns and reveals the path among  the installations. Invites everyone to try all the possible dimensions  from every room in the museum.  

Of Course a Horse - Spring summer 2020 

THICK hair. Why? Alluring a ponytail, a horse tail. With sensual  garments placed in scene, this collection was inspired by mysterious  and irresistible invitations, a collection and film that recounts the  fellowship between horses and humans, a forever love story. 

Come as you are - Cruise 2020 

A party, a kitchen, everyone is invited. Words that describe the  inexhaustible aesthetic of the campaign directed by Harmony  Korine. A collection eclectic giving so many 80’s vibes, the era of  endless partying, hedonism and excesses, yet artistic and a rebirth  of youth culture.  

Does the music ever stop playing or is it just a memory? 

I would make a long resume of the whole place, but honestly, it is so  enchanting and so stunning to the eye, that I recommend everyone  who’s in Italy and has the possibility to make a quick stop in  Florence, to give themselves a chance to visit the place. So I  decided to keep a bit of mystery, for you my dear reader.  

It’s hard sometimes to visit museums, I find that most people are not  as interested as they were one time, but I personally reflected on  this, fashion houses to know what they’re doing. With a good  storytelling to introduce the brands to the world, and most of all,  making the world interested by what they have to share. Gucci  Garden, a hypnotic experience, placed and brought so easily to the  audience, a MUST do!  

“I went to the Garden of Love, and saw what I never had seen.” - William Blake, The Garden of Love.