Emerging Vol.2

Emerging Vol.2

A second round of our daily scouting for new creators.  Brands brands brands, that were born as dreams.  

Featuring brands has never been my forte, since bringing to the  conversation conventional names is in our daily basis, specially  when you belong to the fashion industry. We as spectators, have a  lot to say, and when I say a lot, what I truly intend, is that we will  always find something we would do different, something to criticize  about, and never tend to be pleased, but still, we buy what we’re  offered.  

While im writing this, and when doing my research, I understood,  we never get to think what’s behind the product. Hours and hours  of work, dreams that are fulfilled, pages of error-delete, change,  

change, change. I got to read something that left me eager to make  my next addition in slow fashion, you don’t buy just an object, you’re  acquiring, hours of trials and failures, you are purchasing weeks and  months of work, you don’t buy an object, you’re taking with you a  piece of someone else’s heart, a moment in someone’s life, and that  is the only thing that truly matters. 

Knowing how to appreciate someone else’s time, is in fact a  treasure.  

In this second edition on my section of the blog, I decided to scout  for two brands. Two accomplishments that need to be heard by the  public, and what better way to give them a voice through Milanesi a  a Milano.  

Keep scrolling to get your eyes on them! 

1. SCILÉ  

The past October 20th, I got to see Scilé’s fall/winter collection, exposed in a pop  up store in Via Marsala 1, Milano. In a calm ambience, surrounded by sustainable  clothes, handmade accessories and a glass of wine, I met Carlotta, Silvia and  Marta, the three creatives behind this brand.  

Founded in 2020, the brand comes together to create garments inspired by artistic  movements and cultures.  

SCILé, the result of a revised classic garment, with a touch of contemporary  feminine vision expressed by the choice of sustainable or natural fabrics and  eclectic prints which create strong and eccentric contrasts.  

@scilé on instagram 


Veronese brand, based in Milan. A handmade selection of flashing colored yarns  knitted together to create alluring garments.  

Born right before the pandemic, this brand is a breath of fresh air when it comes to  popping up colors in a dull look.  

Anastasia, a 22 year old girl, is the working hands behind her brand, that from one  day to another, it became the desire of many. Keeping up with both summer and  winter, the knitwear collections are one of a kind, 100% handmade.  

@lanina_ai_ferri on instagram