How to dress on New Year's Eve

How to dress on New Year's Eve

We’re italians: after Ferragosto has passed, we start asking each other “Cosa facciamo a Capodanno?”. And us fashion victims know that, after the location has been set, the question that straight follows is: “Oddio, cosa mi metto?”. Here’s a few outfit suggestions to amaze everyone on NYE, no matter if you are a disco doll or a home buddy. Just remember to wear an extra thermic layer if you are wearing your cute little fit to go see fireworks outside! 

Sexy philosopher 

One thing about us philosophy students is that sometimes people think we are a little boring and too lost in our thoughts to think about clothes. Well, think again people, ‘cause thanks to Giada Biaggi we have learnt that Jean-Paul Sartre and Miu-Miu can go well together. So, this NYE, if you are a humanistic student, amaze your friends with a Simone de Beauvoir meets Miuccia Prada look: under the blazer of your grandpa, maybe with a stylish brooch, and the skirt of your grandma, wear a sparkly bra and kitten heels. You’ll look fabulous! 

A touch of red is always right

To welcome the new year, Italians have the tradition to wear a pair of red panties on NYE, said to bring luck. But, if you want to make your 2024 extra lucky, maybe you could wear not only red panties but also red tights: take inspiration from Leandra Medine Cohen and wear a pair of red stockings with your favorite little black dress, or black blouse and black mini skirt, better if it’s a leather one.


No pants is the way 

The no pants trend has been one of the biggest ones of 2023. If you haven’t done it already, why not give it a try on NYE? Your favorite sweater, black thighs, comfy heels to dance in and a touch of spice with sequins panties! 

The jeans lover

When you live in jeans all year long, it is difficult to separate from them even on NYE. So why not take inspiration from Mother Alexa Chung and wear them with chunky heels and a fancy blouse? You’ll be comfy and super stylish too. 


Pajama party kinda night 

Who says pajamas are not stylish has never seen these super cute feathery ones. Especially if it’s an at home dinner, you’ll be the best dressed of the table with your pajama, be it a satin or cotton one, especially if paired with a pair of shiny heels: so Carrie Bradshaw! And after the toast you’ll be just ready for bed, to start the year with a beauty sleep. 

Happy New Year MaM lovers. We can’t wait to discover all about 2024 fashion with you <3 

Cover credits go to @thepouf