Pas de deux: interview with Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard

Pas de deux: interview with Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard

I have long had the desire to interview the Moosgaard sisters, two blonde Danish angels. Besides being an example of elegance for everyone (take a look at their Instagram profiles and you will understand what it means to be effortlessly chic), Cecilie and Amalie are two young entrepreneurs and together they founded LIÉ STUDIO in 2021.

Where were you born? Tell us about your childhood.

We were born and raised in the countryside of Jutland, Denmark. Clearly, our childhood was also marked by being identical twins, named baby A and baby B from the beginning and differentiated by red and yellow. Our entire foundation is rooted in being twins and growing up closely with each other. As children, we sometimes grew tired of being so similar, and there were competitive moments – we wanted to be our own individuals. However, as time passed, we learned to appreciate it. Having someone by your side with the exact same tastes and values is invaluable, as we have discovered as adults.

Besides sharing the same surname, you also have in common a beautiful project that has just turned two years old: Lié Studio. When and why did you decide to found a jewellery brand?

LIÉ STUDIO was born in November 2021 with the goal of creating modern yet timeless jewelry that can seamlessly become part of one's daily uniform and be worn for any occasion, over and over again. We wanted to create something that could easily blend into any wardrobe and wanted to offer pieces that can be worn by non-jewelry persons, just like us initially.

Our experience of several years in the fashion industry as models has involved collaborating with a wide range of talented designers and individuals to bring their creative visions to life. As more and more people started following us, our style, and our lives, a desire emerged within us to create something of our own – something that was 100% us, something we loved, and something that reflected our personal style.

Personally, I would like all your jewellery, one is more beautiful than the other. What inspires you in the creative process?

That makes us so happy, thank you! As LIÉ is very much centered around a style universe based on our lives and the world of our woman, much of our inspiration is drawn from our own experiences, the lives of our friends, and the women with whom we surround ourselves. Additionally, we find inspiration during our travels and from exploring marketplaces, auctions, and observing people on the streets.

In a world where there is a competition to see who shows the most, your style remains the coolest of all. It is indeed true that 'less is more'. What is the secret to having a style like yours, classic and never banal?

Despite considering our own style somewhat 'boring' due to its simplicity, we have discovered that this classic simplicity is exactly what others find interesting. We build our wardrobes from basic staple pieces that can be mixed and matched. Our go-to items often include a pair of 501 Levi’s jeans and a white t-shirt, paired with a vintage blazer or a statement coat. For colder days, we add a heavy knit. We see this as a timeless, non-seasonal look that we love. It's important to us that what we invest in can stay in our wardrobes for many years to come.

I have many friends in Copenhagen and I believe that Danes are special people: Nordic in their appearance and way of life but also very Mediterranean in their approach to sociability and human warmth. Do you agree?

That’s very kind. Absolutely, and I guess this is also where Danes favorite word comes into play; Hygge. A defining characteristic of Danish (and Nordic) culture. That feeling of togetherness, cosines, warmth, and contentment.

The photo shoot dedicated to the Holiday Collection 2023 has various references to Italy; it is impossible not to notice that spaghetti with tomato sauce and ravioli are on the menu. What are your favourite pieces from this collection?

Lié Studio Holiday Drop
Lié Studio Holiday Drop

Yes, that’s very true. We shot the collection at one of our favorite local Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, and we loved the idea of creating an atmosphere of togetherness for our Holiday Collection, with shared food, friends and a dinner party. A recreation of how we would want to celebrate the holiday season with friends.

It's a small collection, so it’s difficult to choose our absolute favorite, but if we have to just pick one, we think the Louise Earring encapsulates the essence of LIÉ and is a perfect addition to your holiday outfits, for that extra dangle.

The Louise Earrings

What's cooking for the future?

A lot of exciting things are happening at the moment at LIÉ, and we are thrilled to reveal what we are working on. Our goal is to further expand LIÉ STUDIO internationally and venture into more exciting and new accessory categories in the future, creating the perfect and trusted wardrobe staples. And then we are currently working on something very special in our hometown, Copenhagen, which we hopefully soon are able to reveal! While we have a large online following, we have always believed that having a physical presence is crucial for our brand and storytelling.

I thank C. and A. for the interview, but I must admit that I am a bit in crisis... I would like to buy all LIÉ jewellery. Let's hope Santa Claus is good to me!

Otherwise I'll buy them myself.