SHENZHEN FUTIAN FASHION EVENT. A love story between East and West ‍

SHENZHEN FUTIAN FASHION EVENT. A love story between East and West 

The Shenzhen Futian Event offered the perfect mix of Eastern and Western culture. An immersion into Chinese tradition further enriched by elements of modern fashion. 

The fashion show, promoted by the Shenzhen Municipal Futian District People's Government, was organized by the Shenzhen Fashion Design Association (SFDA), under the program of the International Fashion Strategy Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Futian District People's Government (IFSC), and in partnership with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, took place on February 23rd at Palazzo Reale. 

Shenzhen Fashion Design Association selected the top three high-end fashion brands of the Futian district, NEXY.CO, KAVON and CHLOSIO that brought on the runway a great example of how fashion can be capable of creating ambitious collections following the contemporary trends but still embracing and valuing the traditional art of its country.

Let’s take a deeper look at those brands chosen to represent the Chinese Association.

NEXY.CO is a luxury womenswear brand already established in China that represents the style of contemporary women. The theme of the collection shown in Milan is 'Magnolia Greenland', inspired by the magnolia flower, a symbol in NEXY.CO's logo and a recurring motif thanks to excellent craftsmanship that embodies the intellectual beauty of the modern urban elite and pays homage to the wisdom of all women.

Part of  the Top Ten Chinese fashion brands - thanks to its founder Mary Ho, highly skilled in combining oriental suggestions with a sophisticatedly essential tailoring - KAVON, with its style signature, is representative of contemporary elegance."Han", a tribute to the culture of the Han dynasty, was the theme of the collection and transmits all the wisdom and confidence of the oriental women by interpreting the ancient Chinese civilisation and the profound knowledge of contemporary culture.

Based on the knowledge of the classic that highlights its high quality CHLOSIO is a luxury Chinese women's clothing brand that develops an approach to design with contemporary glamour. CHLOSIO brought to the runway a collection whose theme was "Chinese Zhao" inspired by Wu Zetian, empress of the Tang dynasty who lived a legendary life. A stylistic choice that sees women as confident and independent and shows them in all their elegant composure.

The ultimate goal of this event was to promote the Shenzhen Futian fashion industry to the world and strengthen international exchange and cooperation. This  was realized with the ability of the organizers of the event that was able to showcase - with this large collective fashion show made possible thanks to the partnership with Milan Fashion Week - how strong the eclecticism of the Chinese brands is and, moreover, to demonstrate once again - even in the fashion field - how important international collaboration is. 

Credits: Luca Sorrentino