The “Mob Wife" aesthetic that’s taking over the internet

The “Mob Wife" aesthetic that’s taking over the internet

“I heard the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ is back in style” said Francis Ford Coppola in one of his latest Instagram posts.

And if a trend is becoming so popular to raise the attention of a world-famous film director, it surely deserves a mention.

Big faux fur coats, smudged lipstick and eyeliner, animal print everything: these are the staples for the aesthetic that’s taking over the feed of all fashionistas.

It seems like that, with the start of 2024, the web collectively decided to get rid of the organized (and sometimes unattainable) perfection of the clean girl aesthetic to embrace chaos and torment.

But where does this new trend come from, and why are we discovering it just now?

Hailey Bieber

Dua Lipa

We all know that the Tik Tok algorithm is specifically designed to bring this type of catchy aesthetics to the top of the feed, sometimes promoting consumerism and overconsumption of microtrends that we will never wear again.

But not this time. Mob wives are simply resurfacing and getting their spotlight back.

A eulogy to the crime and gangster genre, in which fabulously dressed women are the lifelong companions to criminals and gangsters; the aesthetic wants to encapsulate the sensual and confident energy that we feel when we look at Connie Corleone in "The Godfather" or at Elvira Hancock in "Scarface".

‘Quiet luxury’ is not in the vocabulary of a mob wife, but luxury surely is.

Though being a mob wife is not only about wearing the most expensive outfit, but mostly about wearing it with undisputed confidence.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock in Scarface

Talia Shire as Connie Corleone in The Godfather

Women have been dressing like mob wives way before any algorithm made it popular. Older Italian women seem to be the biggest inspiration for those embracing this trend. A stroll through the center of Milan reveals glamorous sciure (milanese for chic old women) that look fabulous doing everyday tasks.

Sciuraglam on IG

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Sciuraglam on IG

How is this style being re-interpreted in the 21st century and what are the staple pieces?

Animal print is the new neutral, being it leopard, zebra or snakeskin. Best worn when paired with all black everything and a bold red lip for contrast. Big black sunglasses are perfect to hide behind.

Exaggerated furs are the star of the show (best if vintage), though this raises a question about sustainability and ethics: wearing vintage fur has been a controversial topic for decades, now more than ever as designers are diverting from real fur in their new collections, raising the demand for vintage.



Ethical controversies aside, one thing is out of discussion: mob wives are the most stylish women out there, and all of us can become one.