Caffè tendenza - Summer must-haves

Caffè tendenza - Summer must-haves

It is said that seasons no longer exist: we live in a flux in which hot and cold alternate without predefined logic, and in which it is right to always have everything on hand, so that we can be ready to face any kind of temperature, no matter what time of year it is. I would rather say that what no longer exists is the mid-season.

This year, after a long period of searching, my closet has - finally! - welcomed a long-awaited new tenant: the leather jacket. Yes, I didn't have one. And not only because the search for the perfect model took longer than it should have, but also because, for a few years now, the sudden shift from ten to thirty degrees has caused me to desist before finding something fully convincing. This time, however, I was unfazed by global warming and bought one, which, however, has seen the light of day perhaps only three times. In fact, after the endless rains of the last few weeks, accompanied by evening temperatures that made me regret my winter coat, put strictly aside as early as mid-April in spite of everything-it was, however, time to say goodbye-summer began to show itself, not even too timidly, only at the end of May.

Facing summer is not always easy. Actually, let's say it never is, unless life has been so forgiving to you as to allow you to domicile for three months on a catamaran, getting off occasionally to have a spritz (campari!) on a sea-view venue at golden hour. What, however, must be granted to summer- fainting spells from sudden drops in blood pressure aside - is the chance to dress better than winter allows us, always bundled up as we are. Or at the very least, to not have to hide our outfits under layers of sweatshirts and jackets that make us feel the same for nine months straight.

The beginning of the beautiful season also got me thinking about what absolutely cannot be missing in any of our closets at this time of year. Those that are trivially called must-haves, but that trivial are not trivial at all:

White t-shirt

There are not many pieces of clothing that make you feel right, neat and perfectly in focus all the time: white t-shirts fall into this very small circle. First of all, they relieve us of the burden of having to choose the perfect match, simply because they look good on everything. Moreover, they always grant us a touch of dignity on those days when the mirror is our arch-enemy and any color, even if previously our ally, seems to worsen our already precarious situation. Or at least, on me it has this miraculous life-saving effect.

Kendall Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian

Talking about t-shirts could lead us into the mistake of believing that we are talking exclusively about daytime outfits when paired with a pair of sneakers or simple jeans, but this is not the case. They are also perfect for completing evening, party, disco and any other occasion looks. Perhaps paired with accessories that do them the justice they deserve.

Elsa Hosk

Emili Sindlev


Returning to the concept we started with, when it comes to clothing it seems to us to be truer than ever: seasons no longer exist. Ankle boots represent perhaps the most concrete manifestation of this seasonal cross-dressing and, for the past few years, have become not only the must-have of the winter season, but also and especially of the summer season. My beloved pair of Dr Martens are operational all year round and are definitely my saving parachute when sneakers are too sneakers for the occasion, but a pair of heels would not be adequate either. They are what we can call a trump card.

Vittoria Ceretti

Chiara Biasi


These are the must-have pieces for any self-respecting summer uniform. Whether paired with a blouse for the evening or our beloved white T-shirt as we head to the supermarket to stock up on supplements and ice cream to face the day head-on, whatever fabric or color they are, whether light or dark, embellished or frayed, shorts are the quintessential summer garment. This year, a rising trend, I've unlocked a new, longer variant that has been underrated for too long: I already have a pair purchased last weekend at Zara and can't wait to wear them. (Here is the link, but please don't copy me in too many - just kidding, maybe:

Elena Giada

Chiara Ferragni


I only recently discovered a brand of colorful jewelry perfect for the summer season (and beyond) and I immediately imagined them paired with that perfect complexion, neither too light nor too dark, which then is - let's face it - the only real reason we look forward to summer: it makes us more beautiful and we don't need to use concealer, finally! But back to us, I was saying that I discovered this jewelry brand that I love madly, whose Instagram link I'm leaving you, in case you're going to poke around a bit.

The concept of these accessories reminds me a bit of SUNNEI's earrings, also perfect for warm weather. I have had them on my wishlist for a long time already and maybe, who knows, one day… In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here they are:

What are your must-have items to deal with the impending arrival of summer? Let us know.

Talk to you soon, kisses.