#10 ways Milanesi say “I like you” without saying it

#10 ways Milanesi say “I like you” without saying it

Milanesi are well known to be unintelligible, pretending not to care about anything or anyone hiding behind their wide black sunglasses. The truth is we do have a heart, and it’s pretty able to have feelings, they just show it unconventionally. Ready to know how?

#10 - Wait for crush even when the parking rate is 4€/hours - Milan is not famous for its ease in finding parking, if that Person is willing to accept the compromise of parking fees for you, well,...

#9 - Opting for Pizza at Crosta’s instead of Sushi at Nobu - hell yes: may you find someone who accepts the fact you don’t eat sushi, unnecessary to add anything.

#8 - Handle your Jacquemus bob when in Navigli starts raining - each romantic movie has that scene where the couple finds rain as it passes by and one of the two immolates to the rain: nice as it is, but, if it’s we’re speaking about Milan's polluted rain and the hat is The Bob, well, crush does like you.

#7 - Be willing to go to Corso Como on a Saturday night - going out on Saturdays has turned to be unrealistically annoying for there’s so much crowd: when you feel like challenging the Corso Como crowd because the crush’s favourite club is there: you're screwed.

#6 - Checking the other’s main passion results - is Milan or Inter winning that match? You may not even know the difference between “Curva Nord” and “Curva Sud” but you’ve got to understand “90 minuti” is a joke as there are always “i supplementari, tesoro!!” which can change everything.

#5 - Listening to crush’s favourite singer when stuck in the traffic - it’s 7pm and you’re on the way back home after a long long office day and you find yourself choosing the crush’s Spotify playlist: darling there’s no way back.

#4 - Choosing the metro despite your hypochondria - you completely hate the metro and you’d rather go by walk or by Lime but it’s really late and last Thursday crush already waited for you for 45 minutes, hence no choice but M3.

#3 - Going to Tortona District during the Fashion Week just to eat Gusto17 ice cream, crush’s favourite one - no flavour as Salted Sicilian Pistachio and crush’s begging smile always persuades you to cross the "modah" frontier. That’s love.

#2 - Knowing crush’s perfume is Eau de Parfum and not Eau de Toilette - the smell might appear to be the same, but by now in addition to being able to recognize that scent on the pillow, you are certain that that intensity definitely has an essence between 15 to 20 percent and not 12 to 15 percent so it is definitely Eau de Parfum.

#1 - Pretending not to read Milanesi A Milano articles - crush may have told you “oh I saw you shared a link a while ago but I skipped it. What is it?” but @milanesiamilano is a recent IG search and when you say “I have to write the article, I’m so late” the answer is “however the last one with that interview was so cool!”

The “I like you” ultimate confirmation?

#0 - The Milanese looks for your opinion on the outfit -  nothing more to add.