A new act: Gentile Milano ‘Sentimento d’Estate'

A new act: Gentile Milano ‘Sentimento d’Estate'

The streets of Milan, a warm and sultry city air. Gentile Milano presents a new collection and, this time, behind the romantic soul of the Italian 'dolce far niente', there is a new feeling: the Italian coast summer.

Made in Italy, the genderless brand Gentile Milano presents a novel and 'fresh' collection: Sentimento d'Estate. A distant but cyclical memory of the Italian summer, experienced in the streets of the ‘meneghina’ city. In a sultry and deserted Milan, a game of juxtapositions between Montenapoleone and the exclusive beaches of Puglia, the birthplace of the designer Gioacchino Gentile. Garments inspired by the aesthetics of the ‘villeggiatura’ are contaminated by the must-haves of the urban bourgeois closet: new creatures that come directly from the abyss, somewhat as ‘Colapesce’ teaches in Sicilian legends. A reality easily recognizable in the popular traditions of Southern Italy that, however, comes to life among the streets of Italian capitals.

'Es un sentimiento nuevo que tiene alta mi vida,' sang Franco Battiato in 1981, referring to the hypnotic voice of Ulysses' sirens in the Odyssey, and the beauty of being able to indulge in perdition, to a spell . Gentile Milano's collection becomes a spell, an icon , an emotional frequency that is part of the essence of the Italian summer itself. Caftans, tank tops, longuettes and suits: like a never ending summer, the sensation does not end when back in town, but remains the feeling of peace and harmony. An ironic, contemporary and elegant aesthetic that perfectly reflects the Gen Z sentiment; the same historical sentiment that has been sung about since poet Homer: nostalgia, the 'pain of return,' that feeling in the pit of the stomach that remains once the hottest season of the year comes to an end.

A world away from the streetwear mania, which focuses everything on the rediscovery of craftsmanship, in a mix of nostalgic and contemporary. A vibrant color palette that transpires from the memory of a past summer: the freshness of mint green, wisteria color and white is juxtaposed with the exuberance of orange, fuchsia and cherry red. Precious details, feathers, sequins and Swarovski, fancy craftsmanship that makes you feel part of a dreamers community. And in Milan, the dreamers wear Gentile Milano.


Photography: Lorenzo Venturini

Styling: Laura Lombardo

Make-up and Hair: Fabiana Daddato