Christmas gifts guide for the late ones

Christmas gifts guide for the late ones

Christmas is in two weeks and if you, like me, haven’t gone shopping yet to buy presents for your loved ones, or maybe you don’t have the slightest idea of what to get them, I’m here to save you. Here’s a list of ideas you can take inspiration from to buy the perfect present for your friends, your family, your dog and even yourself. You’re welcome! 

The fashionista  

Fashion people love a unique present. It can either be a pair of embroidered things , shiny hair pins as well as a pair of earrings with a particular shape, they will love them. 

But if you really want to make them feel special, I would suggest for you to get them something customized: we all want to be a star, and having something with your name on it, making you feel unique and recognisable wherever you go, beats everything. I happen to know this amazing brand, Le Nom, that you can find both in their physical Italian store in Via Garibaldi, in Milan, and on their website. You can choose from a selection of beautiful bags, of every shape and color, to wear from day to night, all made and costumed by hand. They ship all around Italy, so if your friend does not live in Milan, you can make the gift reach them directly at home, a surprise like VIPs! 

The sciura

You can never go wrong with a pair of furry gloves or jewelry ones, when it comes to your favorite sciura. They never leave the house on cold days if they haven’t applied a layer of hand cream and wore gloves to keep their skin and manicure safe. But don’t get gloves that are too big or they won’t be able to wear their rings on top. You can buy them a personalized bag mirror too, they can use it to touch up their makeup, theatrically saying: “Vado ad incipriarmi il naso!”. 

The one that is always cold 

Winter season is balaclava season, so make sure to gift one to your friend that is always cold and they will be forever thankful to you! 

The commuter 

When you have to wake up early to catch a train to go to work or university, all you’d like to do instead is to keep snuggling under the duvet and have breakfast in bed. While you can buy a comfy puffer to remind you of your cozy sheets, you can opt for an extra sweet and chic brekkie with a croissant in one hand and a travel mug in the other. Better if it is of a bright color or has a cute dog on it! 

The skincare addict 

When you love skincare, you join the magic world of serums, double cleansing, spf. You also start to take more care of your hair, doing regular hydrating masks and using a lot of oils, and you can’t live without a silk pillowcase anymore. When you love k-beauty, even the skin of your feet becomes important. So, if your best friend is that kind of person, here’s a set of Korean masks that you can use for your face, hair and body that I personally love. 

The bookworm 

If there’s something a bookworm loves about winter is being able to curl up on the couch and dig into a good novel, maybe sipping tea from a vintage looking cup. I’ve got you for both: you can get them a good novel or book about fashion, better if bought from your local library, wrapped in the cutest Christmas gifts paper, and a few teacups  and teas to die for! 

The pets lover 

When you love fashion and have a dog, you usually make them a personal wardrobe to match with yours. They are like children, and especially when they are little furry balls they tend to get cold, so make sure to keep them warm with these cute sweaters

And if you are still undecided, you can find a lot of brands to choose your gifts from at our Casa MaM Christmas Pop-Up: it will be hosted in Viale Piave 21, in Milan, from 11 am to 8 pm on the 16th and 17th of December!