Convivio turns 30 and Vogue invites us to the shopping event of the year

Convivio turns 30 and Vogue invites us to the shopping event of the year

A “Market Exhibition”, this is how Vogue Italia itself defines Convivio, one of the most highly awaited fashion events of this year.

Fabbrica del Vapore is hosting the solidarity shopping event which aims to raise funds for Anlaids Lombardia, the first Italian no-profit association established in 1985 to fight the spreading of the HIV virus and AIDS - as a ONG it can rely solely on private donations. 

Such an outstanding idea could be designed just by an equally outstanding group of souls, rather than people, and we are speaking about Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferrè and Valentino Garavani. It was the 1992 when those minds met and decided to give birth to a place where to buy garments of the biggest luxury and fashion brands as well as vintage pieces and artworks, whose income would be donated to support the scientific research against immunodeficiency.

The noble Franca Sozzani herself esteemed the concept and has always supported Convivio’s Teams during the years, giving support in between Vogue pages hence Fondazione Sozzani and Vogue itself couldn’t do otherwise but being part of the project, indeed it is one of nowadays edition's major partners and sponsors. 

“Convivio”, from the latin convivium, means "to live and eat all together”, it involves being part of a group, of a community where wealth lies into differences, as a source of inspiration and wholesome comparison, where one helps one another without being scared by diversity. 

The event has always been patronised by Milano City Council and involves the whole community for everyone can apply as volunteers who can choose to help the team just for one day or for all the five days. A real opportunity to share skills and support the project. 

As any self-respecting event, Convivio changes theme each edition and this year it goes for “Sport Couture” - absolutely lovely, adorable I’d say. “Chicably sweat” shall be my motto when training, even though it turns out to be just “sweat” as my fatigued face is not that chic - but at least I try to. 

However I can’t wait to see all the celebs going to the sportswear themed charity party gala which will be held the night of 8th November - so many different words and worlds involved in order to raise awareness on this sensitive topic. Basically Convivio is a fundraising exposition where everyone can help by shopping for fashion pieces, artworks, beauty, and starting from this year also home decor, food&wine and kids. All at 50% retail value!

Innovative and creative minds joined the communication team, for Italo Lupi is the man behind the new logo, realised together with Emanuele Farneti; while Pietro Terzini has designed some of his irreverent and humorous posters for Convivio’s advertising. 

Such an awesome way to start and finish our week - hope everyone could pop into Fabbrica del Vapore from 3rd to 7th Nov. to buy, share and help each other. 

“Be one of a kind, a gentle soul and a sweet creature” is what I always tell to my own reflection in the mirror each morning and maybe, for this week, Milano will help my spirit to live up to my promises. 

Hope to spot you all there!