Fashion news on the metro

Hi babes!

September, happily or not, has come (not gonna lie, I’m an autumn kind of gal)! This means that we need to go back to our daily routines, from university to work to the gym to the sofa, but never without a few aperitivos in between. 

Many of us, especially if you live in Milano, may use the metro or an eco-friendly bike to reach their destinations in the morning. So, what’s best than a few suggestions about what to read or listen to keep track of fashion news in between classes and meetings?


I love podcasts! Whatever I’m doing, I have my earphones on most of the time, and I love to listen to music or podcasts of a lot of different genres. Here are a few of my favs about fashion, and what turns around it, so you too can have a little company while sitting on the metro or cycling. 

-Ganni talks: this podcast is perfect if you love pop-culture talks with people from different, 

 creative working fields. (

-Dua Lipa: at your service: from yoga to cooking to interviews, done by Dua Lipa to her friends in 

 the music industry. (

-Anything goes: the new fashion icon of GenZ babes is for sure Emma Chamberlain. Funny and 

 spontaneous, Emma will be like a friend in front of a cup of americano talking to you about 

 whatever goes through her mind, fashion included of course! (

-Fashion Pizza: witty but simple, this podcast is perfects for the ones who like to tear down trends 

 and fashion shows to know what’s the meaning behind them. (

-Gucci Talks, Dior stories, Fondazione Prada, Vogue: if you wanna hear what the bigs of fashion 

 have to say, from runaways to innovations to art exhibits, here you can find super interesting 

 conversations about what’s behind the most important brands. ( ; ; ; )

Magazines (printed or digital)

No matter how in a rush we are, when the first day of the month comes, we can’t help but run to the local edicola to buy a copy of Vogue magazine. Like Vogue, I love to read Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazar, and other fashion magazines full of interesting articles about different topics. 

But don’t get tricked: many newspapers have got an art and fashion insert, daily or weekly, so try to take a look there too, beside politics, you might find something about local brands who’ve got an innovative vision of clothes! 

I love the feeling of paper, but if you are more about reading articles online, like the ones on our blog, no worries, there are plenty!


Many brands and fashion magazines have got newsletters (you can easily subscribe to these ones by going on their websites), but, if I must say which one is my ultimate favorite, I shall absolutely recommend Federica Salto’s “La moda il sabato mattina” ( : super competent and always on point, Salto is a Vogue Italia writer who started to talk about fashion openly, to make it accessible to more and more people, when the pandemic started and we were all confined at home, looking for things to do to pass the time.

Instagram and TikTok

Who said that Instagram and Tik Tok are just distractions? Nothing is better, while half asleep on the train, than scrolling on our feed and stories and pass the journey time. 

I can’t help but remind you of our Instagram page, where you can find a lot of interesting outfits, ask us for advice and watch reels that we did with contributors (don’t forget to follow them too!). But the suggestions section on both apps is always full of inspiring profiles, from the ones who share OOTDs to the fashion-encyclopedia ones, just search a few tags, like: #fashion, #ootds, #fashionarchives, #fashionABC, and so on. 

Just look around!

If there’s something I’ll never get tired of doing is sitting on the train station bench and watch people pass by, looking at their outfits and taking mental notes on inspos, but also making up stories about where they are going (Maybe that well-dressed man with a buquet of roses is going to surprise his lover? What will have bought at the market that lovely sciura with the most beautiful foulard I’ve ever seen?)

It’s been our philosophy since the beginning, so why don’t you try and take a look at normal people too? 

Have a nice restart then, babes, and remember that we are only around 100 days away from Christmas holidays!