Fashion week musts - restaurants,café and bars MaM approved

Fashion week musts - restaurants, cafè and bars MaM approved

Ciao Milanesi!

And welcome back. I know, summer is over and we don’t feel like it… but I have good news for you! Fall is coming, freshening the air and bringing a whole new wardrobe!

Fall clothes remain my all-time favorite, but I also enjoy different styles in different situations. So I’m not here to tell you how you should dress, but rather giving you those opportunities to hang out with a friend, being for a cappuccino, a drink, or spilling… the tea! After all, fashion week is coming, the city gets busier and it is not always easy to find that nice cute spot to hang out, outfit ready, and post-summer feelings left behind.

But I also understand we have different necessities: those who want the cool crowded places, where you can meet whoever, and those who prefer to hide in less frequented spots at the end of a long day… so here I give you tips for all!

Here is my top choice:

Fashion week musts: I might sound cliché, but it is what it is. You wanna be at the center of the fashion dinners? It is Bulgari baby. Niko Romito, the restaurant of the Bulgari Hotel. But wait, we have different aces in the hole, like the Trussardi Café — one of my personal favorites! Chic, cute, and straight in the center but enough on the side to have some privacy! — Let’s finish with a third obvious one, the king, Armani Hotel, which has both a restaurant and café, at your convenience!

    Trussardi Cafè

Fashion week to avoid: don’t worry, I’m here for you all! We can’t stand crowdy places, we need space, calmness and some privacy at the end of a long fashion day. Langosteria, but not the classic one. Over the years the iconic restaurant expanded in different locations, but especially in Milano today we have a few more options: Langosteria Cucina, Langosteria Cafe, and Langosteria Bistrot. All are more affordable, all exclusively intimate, and all a good alternative for any occasion: aperitivo, dinner, post-dinner drink, or why not, a quick coffee break. But moving on to something drastically different, Sacrestia Farmacia Alcolica, for something unexpected in a city like Milan! Less known, a bit on the side, will make you sink into a secret world where you can enjoy in all tranquillity a drink, dinner, or post-dining experience with friends, at the edge of fashion week!

   Farmacia Sacrestia Alcolica

Langosteria Cucina

Do you have any specific places you enjoy to go during fashion week? Let me know in the comments!