LIFE SEASON NOT ENDED YET - sorry not sorry 2022

LIFE SEASON NOT ENDED YET - sorry not sorry 2022

“And with that..” - no way I’m finishing this sentence. Sammy Levitt’s voice announcing the end of 2022 has really burnt me out. The same videos, same photos, same profiles; might be a little tedious but I must admit I was waiting for 2023 just to get rid of them, for I did enjoy all the parties hence the saying goes “a little party never killed nobody” and we’ve had kind of twenty parties per week I guess.

Wishing everyone to get what they’re looking for yet I’m convinced that if we’re really interested in something we start to come but at the same time I’m convinced that if we really care about something, then we start changing it whether it's January 1st or December 15th.

Each day can be a blank page for our lives, no matter if it’s Monday or Thursday, January or August, day or night.

I could write about all the heroes who left us last year and I’d be spoiled for choice: Queen Elizabeth, Letizia Battaglia, Giusy Ferrè, Eugenio Scalfari, an-Luc Godard, Vivienne Westwood, the Pope, and many big ones. “But” - But I’d rather look forward, right now I’d rather think about all the possibilities we still have to learn, grow and be the version of ourselves - whatever it may be.

My goals keep being the same: be the best version of myself, love purely, live unconditionally, be a soft yet racy soul, which basically means improve, try (hard), learn.

Here I will just tell you some “roads to improvement” for January, perhaps we could share and improve each other:

Palazzo Reale is hosting a few interesting photo exhibitions I haven’t seen yet. RELATIONSHIPS by Richard Avedon, one of the masters of 20th century photography, which has Versace as its main partner and media partner Vogue Italia;  and from the 12th Jan, TIMELESS TIME by Vincent Peters, a journey into Hollywood Stars’ souls through shadows, reflections and chiaroscuro.

A “why not?” spot is also the MUSEUM OF DREAMERS in Piazza Cesare Beccaria, such an “instagrammabile” location made of 15 installations where your mind gets lost into magic rooms and fairy sets.

Then as a sport lovers, we will have three days of paddle at the PADEL TREND EXPO, from 13th to 15th Jan, where paddle fans will be able to join discussion on techniques with paddle key players (both sportsmen and agencies) and, turning point, everyone will be able to play in the 4 fields built for the occasion.

Last but not least, I do hope to make it to RADIANT VISION, Keith Haring’s Exhibition in Villa Reale in Monza (20 min train from Milano Garibaldi) open until 29th January, to which I should have gone with a kind of friend but, as we know, sometimes better alone than badly accompanied.

So, after all, we could answer Sammy that the 2023 season doesn’t look that bad. Let’s get full of experiences and filled with life, this is my only wish for you all. and, in the meantime, wonder if you are more a lightning or a thunderbolt.