MaM - weekend

MaM - weekend

Here we go, it finally started!

It's started, isn't it? Despite a few too many clouds and a rainy early June…

But summer is just around the corner and whether it's a romantic getaway or an extended holiday, it takes a second to switch from Milanesi a Milano to "Milanesi in Trasferta".

Let's see the top 3 destinations for a getaway weekend (and not only!):

Portofino: let's start with a destination so loved by the Milanese public. Portofino! Just 2.20’ from Milan, you arrive in a lost paradise in the blink of an eye. Our tips in pills:
- A must-see the Path of Kisses (il Sentiero dei Baci), which leads from Santa Margherita to Portofino for a breathtaking walk of 5 km along the coast. Ideal if early in the morning or at sunset!
- Evening aperitif in the Piazzetta is a must. The Winterose Wine Bar, one of our favorites...
- For those who want to escape the crowds... we recommend a jump to the Splendido Mare, a Belmond Hotel. Whether it is a stay or dinner, it offers breathtaking views over the entire promontory and it is also possible to have happy hour drinks!

Suite Ava Gardner

Sardinia: what to say ... our dear Sardinia is one of the favorite destinations of our loved Milanese. In just over an hour's flight you are on Neverland island: crystal clear sea, wild nature, but also wild nightlife! What to do on aweekend:
- Golfo Aranci, Liscia Ruja, Cala Trana… is it Italy or the Caribbean?!
- Among our tips for Sardinia you cannot miss the boat. There are many services that offer daily rentals from dinghies to sailboats. We suggest you take a look and discover some of the most renowned islets in the world. La Maddalena, Budelli, Spargi or Caprera ... dive into a crystal clear sea!
- You cannot end a Sardinian weekend without some nightlife! Famous for its clubs, you can’t miss the sunset + happy hour at Phi Beach. Always the best combo ... every evening with a different DJ. Then late-night dinner at the Country of Porto Rotondo or Porto Cervo, to continue the evening in one of the many discos until late at night!


Forte dei Marmi: a Milanese “classicone”. For 2.45’, we offer you the third of the favorite spots for a proper Milanese getaway... here are our tips:
- For our fashion victims, don’t miss the famous in-town market. Renowned throughout Italy, in summer it is held biweekly, on Wednesdays and Sundays mornings, with more than 200 stalls of luxury and high-quality fashion products. A must to find the best summer outfits.
- Typical of Forte’s landscapes are certainly the colorful bathrooms ... choose what you like best, and no to umbrellas on the beach, here are used the characteristic “tents" !
- You guys will know it already, but you can’t do a Versiliese experience without some movida! Clubs par excellence: the Twiga, La Capannina, and Beach Club Versilia.

Where are you going this summer? What is your go-to to escape the heat in the next weekends?

Let us know!