MiArt 2024

MiArt 2024

The 28th edition of MiArt has just ended, and, as expected, everyone agrees it has been a very positive year.

The exhibition, one of the biggest and most awaited in the world for modern and contemporary art, has been animating Milan for many years now, continually expanding and drawing attention to the city and its artists.

178 galleries from 28 countries, more than 1000 works of art: these are the numbers of a successful manifestation, organized for the fourth year in a row by Nicola Ricciardi.

‘No time, no space’ was the title for this edition, an homage to the Italian songwriter Battiato. In these words was conveyed the goal of the exhibition, that was to trespass any boundary, physical and metaphysical, to explore new territories and break old frontiers.

Miart 2024, presentata la ventottesima edizione
MiArt and Exibart

no time no space - la ventottesima edizione di miart
MiArt and Exibart

Synergies between past and present, old and new are crucial in any context, and the way to grow and progress together.

That’s why the exhibition was divided in three sections, reflecting both well established and new galleries and artists.

Emergent was dedicated to the new generation, the future of art and culture, a space for them to display their talent and wow the public.

Established, as the name suggests, was the main section, the red carpet for the ‘veterans’ who have been part of the exhibition for a long time now.

Portal was a first this year, a section where 9 galleries displayed artworks that were meant to bring back methods and ways of art from the past, only apparently far away from us but very relevant today.

Il report delle vendite di miart 2024

Diario da Miart 2024 - Il Giornale dell'Arte
Il Giornale dell'arte

The exhibition is there not only for the public and possible buyers, who have the possibility to choose among a wide variety of works of art: it’s also a way for professionals to connect and build relationships that can take the art world to another level of complexity and inclusion.

The road to a future where art is pervasive in every aspect of our life, and where it's a pioneer of new horizons.

‘We instinctively followed the comets’ trails

As forefronts of a new solar system’

Franco Battiato