Salone del Mobile 2024: our guide for a perfect experience in seven events

Salone del Mobile 2024: our guide for a perfect experience in seven events

The Design Week represents one of the most important occurrences in Milan. An international celebration of creativity and innovation that brings together design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and artists from around the world. 

The 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, which will take place at Rho Fiera Milano from 16th to 21st April, stands as the pinnacle of the design industry, showcasing the latest trends in furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Together with Fuorisalone, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will transform Milan into a vibrant design playground with exhibitions, installations, and events throughout the city's streets, neighborhoods, and historical landmarks, they offer an immersive and totalizing experience for both tourists and locals.

In this article you can find our go-to list of the Fuorisalone  events that cannot be missed.


Ilaria Ferrero, in partnership with Milanesi a Milano and others, presents the event Blooming Visions, a multisensory experience designed within Ted Suite Milano, a Rationalist Villa of 1936. The house is divided into 8 different rooms distributed on two floors connected by an outdoor patio surrounded by a flower garden. Each area is furnished and equipped with a combination of contemporary and historic furnishings, a succession of environments and evocative floral installations for which was also created an olfactory path cured by a specialized nose. Blooming Visions is a tribute to rebirth and an invitation to awareness of our choices. 

FLOWER UP - Gattinoni Hub

Glo for art, together with Emiliano Ponzi present "Flower Up". An exclusive art installation transforming the spaces of the glo Hub in a kaleidoscopic adventure: an exciting tunnel leads visitors through reality and dream, to a charming garden where a large installation elevates the experience even more to become the protagonist

Emiliano Ponzi's positive, inclusive and open-minded style is artistically combined with glo's values promoting the A Better Tomorrow™ philosophy.

MOORING BY THE MOON - Bagni Misteriosi

An installation by Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE inspired by the Seadeck Series, a boat moored in the heart of the city, illuminated by a large moon.

Azimut stages the dawn of a new gentle era and welcomes visitors into a dreamlike landscape, in which dare to amaze - the brand's mission - translates into an invitation to be surprised by the wonder of the world in the light of an enormous parading moon, floating on the water. Looking up, a starry sky meets the sparkles of the stars and the reflections of spring. A technology station will be staged, in which innovation is dedicated to protecting the sea with a sculptural exhibit.


The technology company Google presents Making Sense of Color. An immersive journey from the ethereal to the material that shines a light on how color is elemental to sensing the world around us and a powerful aspect of Google’s latest hardware design. Co-created by Google’s Vice President of Hardware Design, Ivy Ross and her design team in collaboration with the arts + research lab, Chromasonic.

THE ART OF DREAMS - Palazzo Clerici

The fifth iteration of the traveling art and design initiative "The Art of Dreams”, that explores pattern, rhythm, and repetition inspired by the iconic pepita pattern first exhibited in the 356 C, 911 Porsche and was launched in 2021 in Paris, this year takes place at  Palazzo Clerici. Design collective Numen/For Use takes the monochromatic diagonals within the pepita pattern and brings them to life with their monumental immersive artwork "Lines of Flight" – a lightweight construction of metal cells and black and white stretched netting, resembling a cloud of flustered starlings fleeing the black and white matrix.


BiM presents 'Salone Calmo. A showcase of Campeggi objects'. An invitation to contemplate the art and photography of Campeggi's super-comfortable upholstered furniture. An exhibition dedicated to the iconic Italian design brand, known for the lively and imaginative features of its products, where transformable seats will welcome us and lull us into the comfort of a "slow experience". Created by C41, an independent magazine and creative production house, and SPECIFIC, a multidisciplinary design and creative production workshop founded by Patrick Tuttofuoco, Nic Bello, Alessandra Pallotta, Andrea Sala and Stefano D'Amelio, the retrospective will be open from 12 to 21 April in the spaces of BiM, the urban regeneration project in the Bicocca district.

BIRKENSTOCK STUDIO - via Meravigli 4

Birkenstock showcases an exhibition and installation that will show the public for the first time the brand's many highlights and most famous collaborations. In addition to the models, samples, sketches, prints and designs that make up the brand's DNA, the public will be able to enjoy a variety of sensory experiences, including a barefoot trail on sand and grass.On the 19th, 20th and 21st April BIRKENSTOCK STUDIO will host the sneaker restorer and creative Jacopo De Carli, who will customise the BIRKENSTOCKs of the participants who will take them with them by applying small jewellery and accessories.

INTERNI CROSS VISION - Università Statale di Milano

The project “I am what I throw away” by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti with AMSA, part of Gruppo A2A, curated by Italo Rota, NABA Scientific Advisor, and Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area Leader, with the involvement of the NABA Design Area students, is developed on the occasion of the exhibition-event INTERNI Cross Vision during Milan Fuorisalone 2024. Starting from Ken Isaacs' "Living Structures", a modular system based on matrices that allows for the construction of living structures at a low cost and with minimal environmental impact, the installation presents a sincere architecture made of various elements that correspond to the yearly consumption of products by an average household.