The Schiaparelli Effect

The Schiaparelli Effect: How the Italian Brand Conquered the World of Fashion with its Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

Schiaparelli, the legendary Italian fashion house founded by Elsa Schiaparelli in 1921, has delivered a stunning collection for spring-summer 2024 at the Paris haute couture week. The collection, designed by the creative director Daniel Roseberry, is a fusion of sci-fi fantasy, Western nostalgia, and of course Parisian elegance, showcasing the brand’s innovative and eclectic style. 

The innovative collection “Schiparalien”, was inspired from Elsa Schiaparelli’s uncle Giovanni Sciaparelli, who discovered a series of channels on the surface of Mars in 1877, sparking fascination with celestial life. Roseberry pays tribute to this, by creating a collection that explores the boundaries between the earthly and the alien, the classical and the contemporary, the refined and the casual. 

The collection features a range of garments that reflect Roseberry’s cinematic influences, such as “Top Gun”, “Alien” and “Matrix”. He mixes elements of sci-fi, Western, and Hollywood glamor, creating a surreal and adventurous aesthetic. He still maintains the signature motifs of Schiaparelli, adding a unique and modern touch of humor. The show paid a tribute to Hollywood and its influence on American culture and identity. Roseberry said he wanted to “dig my heels in and feel my American-ness even more” as an American designer in Europe. 

The models wore mostly black and white outfits, breaking the monotone with some beige and cream ones, and of course the use of silver and golden details. The futuristic shapes and details, such as inflated sleeves, silver buckles, and electronic chips, evoked the sci-fi genre and emphasized the inspiration, enhancing the correlation with aliens and robots. 

Look 6

Look 30

Look 6 captivated the audience with its delicate craftsmanship and futuristic elements. Model Maggie Maurer’s stride down the runway exuded a confident elegance as she showcased a gown adorned with intricate Swarovski crystals. The highlight of the look? The doll perching on her shoulder, with its own embellishment and electric accidents, served as a metaphor for the intersection of innocence and technology in modern society. 

One of the most striking pieces of the collection is look 30. A long and form-fitting dress covered in sparkles giving it a glittery appearance contrasting a plain black scarf. The design is unique with the  black simple fabric elegantly draping across the front from the shoulder to the opposite side waist. This look fits to the theme of the collection, which explores the boundaries of the world and focuses on creating contrasts. 

Roseberry’s collection is not only a visual spectacle, but also a celebration of the art of haute couture, He showcases his mastery of draping, embroidery, and sculptural construction, creating historical pieces. Schiaparelli once again proved its ability to captivate the imagination and redefine the boundaries of haute couture.

As the fashion world continues to evolve, Sciaparelli remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently inspiring with its designs. With its Spring-Summer 2024 collection, the Italian fashion house reaffirmed its status as true pioneer in the industry, solidifying the enduring legacy of Elsa Schiaparelli and her visionary approach to style.