Where ART meets APE - 4 unmissable spots

Where ART meets APE - 4 unmissable spots

One of the most emblematic moments in Milano is the well known aperitivo, the golden happy hour(s).

What if would be it possible to enjoy a glass of Vermentino or the iconic Spritz while involved in one of our beloved art-time?

In Milan you can find some very-very-very nice museums or galleries that combine three of the things Italians do better: art, drinking, and food.

Let’s discover them:

  1. The overblown Fondazione Prada

We have already talked about her, her mesmerizing tower and the rooms that contain some of the best-known contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Carla Accardi. Miuccia put her stamp on it, or, rather, so did Wes Anderson who designed the landmark Bar Luce at the foot of the golden tower, envisioning an old-Milan-vibe bar. It’s a place created to chat and exchange thoughts while sipping an aperitif in a somewhat surreal atmosphere.

  1. The green-spot LaTriennale

If you are more of a design lover, LaTriennale in Parco Sempione is a mainstream that never fails to amaze.  One of the best design collections (Italian and otherwise) explodes in its green corner of the city, also hosting super current temporary exhibitions. right here, in the private garden which always hosts super wow events, you can listen to live music while sipping a spritz and enjoying some awesome pizza in the "Café Giardino."

  1. The hidden Lacerba

in the crocetta area, there's a little tiny place where Futurism doesn't seem so far away. Botero reigns impetuously on the walls that encapsulate the authentic, impulsive, fast-paced atmosphere of the 1920s. A place where to forget about the lancets while sipping sophisticated cocktails that smell of lightheartedness. Finally, after the appetizers of the "here's a drink bar" you can also head to the restaurant.

  1. The unexpected Diocesan Museum

MilanesiAMilano recently attended its opening, it is a gem in the Navigli area, an unreal corner carved out of the cloisters of the Church of Sant'Eustorgio (which is worth a visit in itself). It holds a permanent collection of artworks from the 2nd to the 21st century - quite a bit of art in short - in addition it always organizes temporary exhibitions on photography: currently this is Robert Doisneau - not to be missed, Milanese's word.

In the cloisters hides shy but not too much the "InChiostroBistrot" which makes some delicious and tasty aperitifs and has an incredible choice of wines. Furthermore, on the occasion of the exhibition ROBERT DOISNEAU is running with the special formula first drink and exhibition entrance 10€.

So, are you ready for this full immersion of good food, wine and culture?  Get your eyes and your stomach ready!