BORNTOSTANDOUT: the rebellion starts with fragrances

BORNTOSTANDOUT: the rebellion starts with fragrances

BORNTOSTANDOUT is a Korean fragrance brand that embodies a spirit of profound disruption and promotes a provocative, luxurious and unconventional philosophy. The brand’s name represents the core idea of rebellion against the rules.

 Founded in South Korea by the visionary entrepreneur Jun Lim, BORNTOSTANDOUT's success quickly spread worldwide, making it one of the most sought-after brands. 

We met Jun Lim at the brand’s launch party in Milan and this is what he said to us.

Lin explained that BORNTOSTANDOUT was born from his profound passion for fragrances without following the common or classic criteria of the perfume world. BORNTOSTANDOUT is rebellion, it goes against the rules and the conventions under every aspect with a disruptive and provocative energy.

<<The message behind everything is “Who f***ing care?” a clear and open ended question that can be applicable for everybody, not just you and me. It has a rebellious mindset to the standards or to the norms or conventions. We try to reflect this value in every aspect of the brand Dna, from fragrances, to visual, and merchandise.>>

The fragrances are created with the creativity of some of the most renowned perfumers globally, including Olivier Cresp, Daphne Bugey, and Nathalie Lorson.


<<When perfumers work with us, they can do whatever they want, with every ingredient, scent and in any concentration. In this way we differentiate from any classical perfumery. The way I choose ingredients is based on my everyday personal obsession, encounter, and life. One of the last fragrances born is Drunk Maple because I love maple syrup to the point that I can drink it. So this is the way I represent my niche. >>

<<BORNTOSTANDOUT is here to create its own space. I want to be creative with our fragrances, pushing the boundaries and being universal>> 


We can easily assume Lim’s ideas just by giving a look to the brand’s approach to embracing contradictions: the use of Joseon porcelain white is a symbol of purity, refinement, and dignity, while red is a symbol of passion, desire, and deep provocations. This is exactly the way to create a new niche in the perfumery’s world.