Has "healthy living" become a trend?

Has "healthy living" become a trend?

Randomly exploring Instagram a reel popped up: "what I eat in a day as a fat girl who is not on a diet", it showed, as understandable, the whole day of eating of a girl who is effectively overweight and who doesn’t look for a healthier lifestyle. That sounded so strange to me for two main reasons: not so common to see someone admitting to be living unhealthy and because she was treating her body badly, she was hurting the vessel of her soul; and this is not body-shaming, but rather admitting that to love ourselves is to take care of ourselves.

I was puzzled because finding someone who self-reports their unhealthy living is not as common as someone sharing a healthy attitude toward ourselves. Thus, the new trend is an all-around healthy lifestyle. And I’m not talking about appearance.

We used to admire celebrities and models for their physiques; now, we've both accepted the possibility of being "like them" and realized that being like them is really being "like us", since everyone has flaws, doubts, and uncertainties.


It is important for us to have overcome the perfect body, moving towards the mind and soul.  How many celebrities speak up about the fragility of the mind, the need to take care of one's person "from the inside"? We’ve seen Bella Hadid posting photos in tears after an emotional breakdown, Selena Gomez sending to hell the ones commenting on her physique and Kendall Jenner inviting everyone to take time to read, think, live. Similarly, in Italy we see #TheFerragnez serenely admitted that suffering and going to therapy is “normal” and they actually opened the door to therapy itself.

The Ferragnez, Prime Video

What really matters, in any case, is having raised the fragile and real ordinariness made of difficulties and efforts to try to accept ourselves. As well as the brutal but needed acknowledgement of the massive spread of eating disorders, those evil rumors that make dinner out with your boyfriend a problem.  

And by that I do not want to endorse the "I go against the grain and show how much I eat without guilt" reel, but rather I endorse and am for showing the effort behind the results, the fragile part behind the candid face, the sweat of the workout.

I think there is a widespread need to rationalize what we see only through photos, to treat ourselves, from the approach toward "others" whose photos we only see. Taking a positive approach to our own body is a goal that needs to be achieved, and a mindset that should be adopted.

The Trend is no longer based on the body and appearance, and physical well-being now goes hand in hand with psychological well-being. The trend is 100% healthy living made of sweat, tears and healing.

Therefore, thank you, for the first time in years, to all the perfect women who have self-declared themselves imperfect.