Horosco - MaM


Fashion calling, hereby the no blame reproach you need to read.

ARIES: You missed a point and someone might be upset. Asking for pardon might be a good idea even if your sparkling Philipp Plein biker jacket doesn’t match with the other’s Marni soft cardigan.  Life is too short to complain about everything.

TAURUS: You’re smashing it, don't get sidetracked: discipline and perseverance are the keys. Friends support you, prove to them that Cartier watch they gifted you was well deserved. You are vibing, and you know it, and you like it.

GEMINI: Live the moment, enjoy the little things without overthinking. Overdoing is completely unnecessary, your attitude can make that Jacquemus Bambino super fancy even if not in Versailles. May summer colors touch your inner soul.

CANCER: Summer is right behind the corner, for your boss. Are you going to experience the thrill of a desert August in Milano or will you finally dust off that MC2SaintBarth swimsuit? Life is one, let’s enjoy it.

LEO: Your being on another planet, or rather, galaxy, has been saving you. But be careful, that sparkling water gas been in your Versace glass for too long. Time to drink or toss. And may Gods be in your golden favor.

VIRGO: Your kindness could save the world, you’re so full of pure energy that everyone is speechless, remind yourself to take care of your skin - pretty sure you still bring everywhere your beloved PATCHOLOGY eyes saver. Keep smashing, your fire is burning.

LIBRA: You’re spending way too much energy trying to figure out your future self. Focus on your current feeling and find the courage to say a big NO to everyone who wants you tied in that TomFord suit. Try to dive a little deeper in your soul, for god's sake.

SCORPIO: You should be biting with that tail sting but it looks like you are  way too nice recently. Never forget the evil or you’ll get to know closely what betrayal means. Wear that Balenciaga bi*ch sunglasses and slay that street.

SAGITTARIUS: Your sun is shining back, but your moon is disguising you from your real attitude. Cover your scars with the Hermes blanket someone is handling you, let yourself be overwhelmed. You are lovable and do deserve to be pampered.

CAPRICORN: To fill your mind with poppycocks is not as healthy as you think. For once, listen to your therapist:  breathe out the unnecessary and replace that worn-out old Supreme sweatshirt; memories remain, no need to accumulate things.

AQUARIUS: Long time no see, Overthinker! Please, save your mental health (the body one said goodbye long time ago), ease your thoughts and cover your burning mind with that NewEra Cap you found randomly in your T-shirt drawer. Not every question is a good question.

PISCES: You’re not on cloud nine, you're on the tenth. However, it is likely you are procrastinating important decisions by preferring not to look down. Find in yourself the guts to find true fulfilment - it is in the smallest boxes that the greatest gifts lie.