Place of HISTORY and POETRY: Italy

Place of HISTORY and POETRY: Italy

I find myself writing this article at home for ten days, due to COVID positivity, but with my eyes open to what has been going on these past few weeks.

Since I really want to talk about BEAUTY, I can only take a look at the beauty of our country, seen through the eyes of haute couture.

Stuck here, between heat and work, I couldn't help but take some time to look at the fashion shows that have just taken place. In particular, I would like to dwell on the two that gave rise to wonderful events that once again brought a huge audience to enjoy, albeit from afar, the wonders of Italy.

I am talking about the Valentino and Dolce&Gabbana fashion shows.

Pier Paolo Piccioli decided to name his fashion show The Beginning, and there is no more appropriate place for it to take place than Rome, the eternal city, the city where everything began and will never end. A collection devoted to art, to wisdom, full of bright and brilliant colors and weaves that gave rise to a breathtaking spectacle, which enchanted not only those present at the event, but also the world of social media, which went crazy at seeing real works of art parading on a real work of art, which is the Spanish Steps.

A conjunction of history and actuality, tradition and innovation. 

Piccioli's Couture today marries that of the past of the founder Valentino Garavani and finds a perfect harmony that leads to an explosion of creativity. The intrinsic bond remains beauty, the skilful hands that cut, sew and embroider guided by a creative mind.


Valentino's fashion show was as great as the city that hosted it and where it all began: a dream, a spectacle, a riot of tulle, feathers and organza. It paid homage to the beauty of Rome, which was seen by the whole world as magical.


The love that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have for their region is immense and, once again, they could only celebrate it here, in Sicily.

Ten years ago, their first fashion show in Sicily, in Taormina, determined a passion for these places that will never end. The Maison's style is perfectly connected with the history and art of Sicilian cities.

Like any self-respecting Southern Italian tradition, Dole&Gabbana did things on a grand scale: four days of festivities and four collections presented: on Thursday the Living at the Antico mercato di Ortigia, Friday evening at the Grotta dei Cordari, the presentation of the High Jewellery creations, Saturday the Haute Couture in Piazza Duomo in Syracuse, with a very long catwalk where a bridge was also placed to recreate the city's Cathedral. And finally, on Sunday, the 'mythological' fashion show of men's haute couture at Marzamemi.


What can I say, wonder, history. 

During the Women's Haute Couture, the sacred and the profane mingled, creating an unprecedented spectacle, a profound representation of Sicily and its people, to whom the two stylists owe much and for whom they have deep respect.

The cult of craftsmanship, of Made in Italy, of traditions is of fundamental importance to the Maison, which bases its iconic pieces precisely on tailoring.

The Collection is inspired by the patron saint of Siracusa, Santa Lucia, once again we note how history is the protagonist of this fashion show, and this is a very important thing: to bring culture and knowledge around the world even to those who have never been to Italy and dream of coming here.

A veritable procession of more than one hundred colorful, embroidered outfits, symbolizing opulence and eccentricity, the Maison's founding characteristics.


Italy is a country brimming with art, history and, above all, a crazy mix of cultures: few succeed in transmitting these peculiarities of the 'Bel Paese' to the rest of the world, in a simple yet complete manner. 

Fashion succeeds. Always.

The skill of our stylists lies precisely in being able to capture the intrinsic beauty of our cities and, through their collections, make it known to everyone.

Real works of art are staged, conveying culture and knowledge.