Milan Fashion Week: The Do’s and Don’ts for the Fashion Enthusiasts

Milan Fashion Week: The Do’s and Don’ts for the Fashion Enthusiasts

Every year, as autumn approaches, while most people find it hard to say goodbye to their reckless summer and adapt to reality, fashion enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited as finally the most important season for fashion arrives. In a city as lively as Milan, Fashion Week is so much more than just an event. Milan Fashion Week is a whirlwind of style, creativity, and innovation, where the world’s top designers showcase their latest collections. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or a newbie looking to experience the glamor of Milan Fashion Week for the first time, it's essential to know the do's and don'ts to make the most of this incredible event.


Plan Ahead: As such a highly anticipated event, tickets to the public shows and parties tend to get sold out immediately. Concerning the huge number of events, it can get overwhelming to decide which are worth visiting and which not. So to fully enjoy this magical week, you should make beforehand a realistic plan and secure your spot before each event 

Dress to Impress: Milan is synonymous with fashion, and to attend the Milan Fashion Week, you should take your outfits seriously. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your style by wearing well-thought-out ensembles that express your unique personality. While designer labels aren’t mandatory, dressing elegantly is a must and remember to always keep in mind and respect each designer’s style and aesthetics. 

Network: Besides the glitz and glamor of the runways and events, MFW is a prime networking opportunity. Attend industry parties, events, and after-parties to connect with designers, models and influencers 

Use Social Media Wisely: Sharing your experiences and promoting the designers is a huge part of MFW so usually posting is not only allowed but also encouraged. However, remember to respect each event’s rules and avoid taking pictures unless explicitly permitted. This preserves the exclusivity of the event. 

Explore Milan: Don’t limit yourself to just the fashion shows. Milan is a city brimming with culture, art, and history. Take some time to pay visits to museums, galleries and of course the iconic landmarks like Duomo and Sforza Castle to immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage.


Don’t be Late: Punctuality is paramount at fashion events. Arriving late disrupts the flow and can be seen as disrespectful to both the designers and fellow attendees. Aim to be on time for each event 

Don’t be Pushy: Fashion events, especially the ones open to the public, can get very crowded, but pushing and shoving to secure a better view is a major faux pas. Maintain your composure, be patient, and respect the personal space of those around you.

Don’t Overdo Networking: While, as stated before, MFW is a great opportunity to enhance your connections, don’t overexert yourself to the point of coming out as opportunistic. Foster genuine connections by showing authentic interest rather than merely collecting business cards. 

Don’t Criticize Rudely: Well-intentioned criticism is welcome in the fashion world, but certainly avoid making derogatory or hurtful comments about collections, attendees and artists. Remember that taste is subjective. 

Don’t Gatecrash Events: Most of MFW events are exclusive, invitation-only events and parties. It is essential to respect these restrictions. Attempting to gatecrash can lead to embarrassment and strained relationships with the organizers. Instead, focus on attending events open to the public or semi-exclusive to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Milan Fashion Week is a breathtaking journey into the world of high fashion and creativity. By sticking to these simple do’s and don’ts you will ensure a respectful and memorable experience, where you will have many opportunities to witness the latest trends and feel a vibe in the city different from any other time of the year, while mingling with the fashion’s elite. So put on your best outfit, your gorgeous smile and get ready to be inspired by the artistic brilliance of Milan Fashion Week.

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